Mayor Lightfoot Emails Expose Staff Treatment

( – Chicago’s Democratic Mayor Lori Lightfoot has only been in office for about two years, but she’s already sparked more than her fair share of controversy. She has had a tough time when it comes to staffing issues. Her office has been plagued with an unusual number of high-profile departures, catching many Chicagoans by surprise. A recently revealed email she sent out earlier this year sheds some potential light on dissatisfaction with workers in her administration.

On June 14, the Chicago Tribune reported on Lightfoot’s widely-circulated email from late January 2021. She wrote that questionable email to her former scheduler complaining about her lack of “office time,” time spent alone in her office without interruptions.

However, it’s not the nature of her complaint as much as it was her presentation. She repeated several sentences several times to express her annoyance. In one instance, she stated she needed her “office time every day” 16 times in a row. She asked if she “made [herself] clear” 13 times, another phrase 10 times in a row, and a third one a total of 7 times. Seems like the action of an immature person.

Lightfoot tried to downplay the email during a press conference on an unrelated matter on June 14, saying it was “born of frustration.” She claimed she solved the issues underlying the message and the city government is in a “better place” now. However, that doesn’t explain the continued turnover in her administration. It may take a while to truly cure the situation where current staff and newcomers learn to trust the mayor.

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