Mayor Lightfoot Slams Conservative News Reporter for Revealing the Truth

( – Chicago’s Democratic Mayor Lori Lightfoot remains in the spotlight for what many perceive as her failed leadership of the Windy City. She “has only been in office for about two years.” Still, her administration remains mired in numerous controversies ranging from her handling of last summer’s riots to the recent release of a series of emails shedding light on her treatment of city staffers.

Lightfoot got into a heated exchange with Newsmax reporter Mark Kelly during a June 25 news conference when he asked her whether rising violent crime is keeping area businesses closed and asked to respond to criticism that she “lost control of the city.”

She angrily denied the allegation, adding that crime is decreasing. According to her, shootings and homicides have decreased in 2021 over statistics from last year.” “That’s a fact, sir,” she added.

Kelly pressed back, asking her if she owed an apology to victims of violent crime in Chicago. She shot back that even a single act of violence is unacceptable. Continuing, she said he was entitled to his opinion, but she has “the facts.”

The fiery exchange concluded with Lightfoot attacking Kelly’s “conservative viewpoint” and telling him he got his facts wrong. “But if you want to write your own narrative… we’ll just move on to the next reporter.”

Perhaps Lightfoot should apply that same level of energy to solving Chicago’s crime problem if she hopes to save lives and her city.

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