McDonald’s Fiasco Results in Arrest

McDonald's Fiasco Results in Arrest

( – When people walk into a restaurant they expect a clean, sanitary environment. It doesn’t matter if it’s a fine dining restaurant or a fast-food joint. What they don’t want to encounter is someone using it as a tattoo parlor, but that’s what happened in Laurens, South Carolina.

Laurens police arrested Brandon Presha, 28, for tattooing an underage child inside a McDonald’s. Reports did not indicate the age of the child, but nothing about the situation was right. Police found out about the incident when someone tagged the agency in a social media post. Authorities have since discovered Presha is an unlicensed tattoo arrest.

Laurens Police Chief, Chrissie Latimore told local news WYFF-TV that the judge hearing the case set the man’s bond at $25,000. She called his decision to tattoo a juvenile inside a fast-food restaurant “an absolutely disgusting display.”

Sadly, the South Carolina incident wasn’t the first time a person has tattooed a child. In 2018, a video circulated of people holding down a baby and tattooing its chest. Reports show the filming took place in Vietnam. In 2009, Eugene “Stonner” Ashley, 26, of Georgia, went to jail after he tattooed “DB” on his 3-year-old son’s shoulder. A few years later, Virginia authorities arrested Alexander Edwards, 20, after he tattooed two teenage girls.

In the US, the age of consent for a tattoo is generally 18. Parents can consent to tattoos for younger teens in some places but not in a restaurant or on a toddler.

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