‘Me Too’ – Gloria Estefan Confesses Tragic Life Story

'Me Too' - Gloria Estefan Confesses Tragic Life Story

(ReliableNews.org) – Bronx activist Tarana Burke launched the “Me Too” movement in 2006 to “bring pathways to healing” to victims of sexual harassment and violence. The #MeToo hashtag exploded in 2017 after film actress Alyssa Milano posted a viral tweet. Cuban-American superstar Gloria Estefan became the latest celebrity to share her own “Me Too” moment.

On Thursday, September 30, Estefan spoke publicly for the first time about her experience with abuse as a nine-year-old child during an episode of her Facebook show “Red Table Talk.” She began by telling viewers that “93% of abused children” already knew and trusted their abusers. Then, facing the camera, she said she knew that to be true because she “was one of them,” abused “at age 9 at music school.”

Continuing, Estefan recounted how her mother signed her up to take music lessons with a trusted family friend. She said the abuse started small but quickly escalated in frequency and severity. Estefan said she confronted her abuser, and he threatened to kill her mother if she told her about her maltreatment.

Estefan mentioned she started looking for excuses to miss her lessons. Her co-host and daughter, Emily, asked if her grandmother had any suspicions regarding the abuse. Estefan replied people didn’t talk about those kinds of things back then.

Things finally reached the point Estefan ran into her mother’s room in the middle of the night and told her about the abuse. She said her mother immediately contacted the police. Their advice was not to press charges because testifying against her abuser would be “too traumatic” for a young girl.

Thanks to the Me Too movement, people are speaking out publicly about their experiences with abuse, outing once-powerful people like Hollywood film producer Harvey Weinstein, morning television host Matt Lauer, and others. It’s about time.

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