Media Reveals Truth About Joe Biden’s Border Crisis

( – Migrant children have been pouring across the US border for weeks. The Biden administration continues denying the existence of a crisis. MSNBC host and former GOP congressman Joe Scarborough blew a fuse and dropped a truth bomb on Joe Biden for his failed border policy.

Everything started peacefully enough with Scarborough playing a clip of the White House press secretary pushing back on a reporter asking her about the mounting crisis involving migrant children at the nation’s southern border.

Scarborough responded that the United States would have a “crisis at the border” as long as the Biden administration maintained a “permissive immigration policy.” Parents of Migrant children got the message to send their unaccompanied children on the dangerous trek to the border, and they will be allowed to cross to safety.

His co-host interrupted him, saying the administration had corrected its message to migrants. However, Scarborough wasn’t having any of it. “No, they’re not!” he replied. They aren’t saying that they won’t continue letting unaccompanied children into the United States.

As Scarborough pointed out, the crisis erupted at the border after Biden dismantled as many of Donald Trump’s enforcement policies as he could. End of story.

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