Melania Gets Called a New Name

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It seems like our First Lady is surrounded by a constant onslaught of judgement. Whether they are calling her crass names or complaining about her shoes, the Left has no shortage of creativity when it comes to the things they will say about Melania Trump.

But the Left doesn’t own the market on name-calling, and this time, it actually fits.

Classy, sophisticated and caring. These are all things that people associate with Jackie Kennedy, and whether the Left likes it or not, Melania Trump as well.

While President Trump is the first person to make this comparison publicly, it’s one that many Americans agree with, and for a good reason. The First Lady always rises above all the ridiculous things that the Liberals say about her on a daily basis; she keeps her head high and gives her attention where it’s needed most. Her special projects always involve her love for children, something that Jackie O also shared. Melania is also a trendsetter, something that John. F Kennedy’s wife is still known for today.

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