Michigan Witness Says Officials Didn’t Disqualify A Single Vote

(ReliableNews.org) – Michigan is one of the states where Donald Trump’s legal team is alleging voter irregularities. On Wednesday, December 2, the president’s attorney Rudy Giuliani spoke to the state’s lawmakers about the accusations. The Trump campaign aren’t the only ones sounding alarms, ordinary Americans are too.

In an interview posted on YouTube on December 7, poll watcher Chris Schnorak made shocking claims. He claims he noticed a ballot for a woman named Taniqua Haynes had the wrong number on it. When election officials mailed it to her, it was ballot 5748, “but that’s not what she sent back.” 

Schnorak reportedly objected to her ballot, but officials “refused” to log challenges. In fact, he says they “didn’t disqualify a single ballot.”


If his version of events is accurate, that could mean there are hundreds, even thousands, of spoiled ballots among the legal ones. Could those potential votes swing the election? Voters deserve answers.

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