Migrants Fearful as Deportations Begin Under Biden’s New Asylum Rule

(ReliableNews.org) – President Joe Biden announced he was implementing new border rules through executive order on June 4. The border officially closed at 12:01 a.m. EDT on Wednesday, June 5, after illegal crossings reached more than the threshold of 2,500 in a day. Asylum seekers are now worried about their fate.

Under the president’s executive order, Border Patrol would not consider any asylum requests from people illegally entering the country between ports of entry. The border won’t open again until crossings fall below 1,500 per day for a week. The last time they were that low was in July 2020.

The Associated Press reported the story of one woman who crossed into the US illegally after Biden issued the executive order. Abigail Castillo fled Oaxaca, Mexico, with her toddler son. She told reporters that she heard about the POTUS’ order but hoped to cross into the country before the closure.

Castillo missed the deadline, and she wasn’t the only one. A man, Sergio Franco, also crossed with his baby. He told reporters he knew the border was closed but as long as they “have evidence, there shouldn’t be a problem.”

Biden has promised to abide by international law. Immigrants who cross illegally and are deported will be screened by asylum officers if they express fear for their safety. They will have to meet a higher standard of proof and if they pass, they can apply for other forms of humanitarian protection.

Immigration officials have already started removing migrants and turning them away after the order went into effect on Wednesday. Border Patrol has not released the exact number of migrants deported. Officials have reportedly stated that it’s too soon to tell whether the executive order will serve as an effective deterrent. They have said the deportations are critical because they show that there are consequences when migrants enter the US without permission.

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