Mike Bloomberg Dumps MILLIONS In Effort To Sway Votes Before Election

(ReliableNews.org) – Monday, November 2, is the final full day of the 2020 presidential race. As the election season winds down, it’s become evident it was one of the most expensive in history. Donors have poured nearly $14 billion into the fights for the White House, the House, and the Senate. Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is the top of the list of contributors.

In the final few weeks of the election , Bloomberg paid roughly $15 million for ads in Ohio and Texas to defeat President Donald Trump. The Left believes both states are in play and if they can win one of them, the POTUS’s chances of winning are greatly diminished.

In September, the billionaire said he planned to spend $100 million in Florida trying to buy the election for Joe Biden. He also paid off the debts of almost 13,000 felons in the Sunshine State so they could vote in the election. However, many of them don’t even know they can cast a ballot.

The massive spending blitz leaves one to wonder why a billionaire would let so much of his money go? Is Bloomberg hoping to get something out of it if Biden manages to win on November 3?

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