Mike Pence Shows His Support for Sarah Huckabee Sanders

(ReliableNews.org) – In January Sarah Huckabee Sanders announced she was going to run for governor of Arkansas, a position her father Mike Huckabee once held. Shortly after her announcement, President Donald Trump endorsed her, saying she would be a “warrior” for Arkansas. Now, she has scored another big endorsement.

On March 15, former Vice President Mike Pence endorsed Sanders for the Republican nomination for governor. He said that she is going to “stand with Law Enforcement [sic], promote lower taxes,” and defend other conservative values. Like Trump, Pence told his Twitter followers that he thinks she will fight for the people of the Natural State.

Sanders was the Trump administration’s longest serving press secretary. She was a staunch defender of the former president and his officials for two years. If her work in that role is any indication of how fiercely she will fight for Arkansas residents, they would be in great hands.

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