Military Creating New Technology To Heal Wounds

U.S Air Force

( – The US military is the most advanced in the world. It has access to the world’s top minds and that shows when you look at the weaponry and technology coming from the Department of Defense. The Air Force is reportedly working on something that will not just advance the military, but American medicine as well.

Healing the Human Body

It’s no secret that America’s service members can suffer gruesome wounds when they are on the battlefield. But what if there was a technology that was able to heal wounds five times quicker than the body can do it alone? That could be a game changer.

According to a January 28 Air Force press release, the military branch’s research lab is working on “ground-breaking research into cellular reprogramming.” University of Michigan scientist Dr. Indika Rajapakse has paired with USAF researchers to develop the wound-healing technology. They hope it will ultimately improve “long-term healthcare outcomes for warfighters and veterans.”

The team is hoping to reprogram soldiers’ cells to heal their wounds faster. Dr. Rajapakse requested that the military purchase a microscope capable of imaging live cells. The equipment will use an algorithm to figure out when it’s “best to intervene in a cell’s cycle to heal wounds.”

The Impact

Imagine how much better soldiers or average people would do if they had access to technology like this. It’s not unusual for technology from the military to trickle down into the rest of the country. GPS navigation systems are a good example of that. This might be especially helpful for people who have diseases like diabetes which make it difficult to heal from the smallest cut or scrape.

Dr. Rajapakse said the US has “amazing opportunities” available to it that can’t be found anywhere else in the world. The Air Force has given his team the resources it needs to study this advance, and they plan to “take full advantage” of the challenge.

He gave no timeline on the project, but it’s incredible, nonetheless.

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