Minneapolis Effort to Defund Police Fails

Minneapolis Effort to Defund Police Fails

(ReliableNews.org) – The outrage was palpable when George Floyd died in 2020 while in Minneapolis police custody. Residents of the city demanded change, and Democrats started talking about defunding the police. The Left’s efforts to attack police have now failed.

On November 2, Minneapolis residents cast their votes on a ballot initiative to eliminate the police department and create a new Department of Public Safety. Voters responded with a responding “no.” The attempt to defund the police using fancy language and promises of a “comprehensive public health approach” failed 56% to 44%.

The Yes4Minneapolis proposal tried to frame the fight as one minorities waged for public safety. The message fell flat at a time when the state of Minnesota has grappled with rising crime, including an increase in homicides.

In a statement to Fox 9, the Minnesota Police & Peace Officers Association said the measure’s failure “should be a wakeup call” to anti-police politicians who are targeting law enforcement agencies.

New Salem Missionary Baptist Church Pastor Jerry McAfee told Fox News he was thrilled the measure failed. He criticized those who put the initiative on the ballot, to begin with, saying they took time and attention away from the real problems facing the city.

It remains to be seen whether Democrats around the country will take notice and stop blaming police departments.

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