Missing Grandmother Found INSIDE A Deadly Animal!

Missing Grandmother Found in Belly of Massive Snake

Missing Grandmother Found in Belly of Massive Snake

(ReliableNews.org) – Villagers in Indonesia spent the weekend searching for a local woman who went missing in the surrounding jungle. The search came to a tragic end when she was found in the stomach of a giant python. The huge reptiles don’t usually eat people — but when they want to, they can.

Last Friday, Jahrah, a 54-year-old grandmother who lived in a jungle village on the Indonesian island of Sumatra, told her family she was going to collect rubber from trees in the surrounding forest. When she didn’t come back, worried relatives organized a search for her — but, for two days, they found no trace. Finally, on Sunday morning, villagers found a 22-foot-long reticulated python sunning itself in a jungle clearing; halfway down the giant reptile was a suspicious bulge.

When the villagers killed the sleepy snake and sliced it open, their worst fears were confirmed. The almost-intact body of Jahrah was in the python’s stomach. The headman of the dead woman’s village said some of the searchers saw even larger snakes while they looked for her, including one that’s up to 27 feet long and is suspected of the recent disappearance of two goats.

Reticulated pythons are the longest snakes in the world, with unconfirmed reports of some huge specimens reaching over 30 feet in length. They’re ambush predators that seize their prey using their inward-slanting teeth, then wrap them in coils of immensely powerful muscle and tighten down until the victim is asphyxiated. Their normal diet includes wild boar, deer, and monkeys, but they’re so big and strong that, when it comes right down to it, they can eat anything they can fit their jaws around — and that includes people.

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