Moms For America Want Americans To Stand Up To Marxism

( – On Tuesday, January 5, thousands of Americans attended the “Save the Republic” rally in Washington, DC. One of the patriots who co-hosted the event also runs a popular organization for mothers and she wanted the country to know why she was there.

Moms for America Founder and President Kimberly Fletcher said she was at the DC events to show support for the nation. She explained that her organization is “very concerned” about what’s happening and she wanted to “give a voice to moms.” Fletcher also said “evil has infiltrated” American society and “Marxism” is thriving in our government.

Rep. Mary Miller (R-Ill.) was also at the event and said she wanted to “wake America up” to the horrible place the US finds itself in “politically and morally.”

It’s safe to say that millions of people have been awakened. They wanted President Donald Trump to have another term to continue making America great. It’s unclear whether that will happen, but many conservatives and the president have vowed to keep up the fight.

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