Mr. Wonderful Unravels in Anger Following Trump Ruling

( – Kevin O’Leary, known as Mr. Wonderful, is a Canadian businessman who gained notoriety as a co-host of the show “Shark Tank.” The longtime conservative is also a regular guest on cable news, including Fox News. Recently, he spoke out against the New York ruling against former President Donald Trump.

On February 16, Judge Arthur Engoron ordered Trump to pay more than $300 million and barred him from doing business in New York for three years. The former president was found to have committed fraud in a civil trial. The court found he and the Trump Organization, including his sons Eric and Donald Jr., guilty of lying on financial statements and fraudulently inflating the value of properties in order to get loans.

In a blistering ruling, the judge accused Trump and his co-defendants of a “complete lack of contrition and remorse [that] borders on pathological.”

O’Leary was furious about the ruling against the former president. The businessman appeared on “Fox & Friends Weekend” to rip the state of New York and judge apart. He claimed his anger wasn’t even about the former president, saying everyone should “[f]orget about the Trump factor.” He said they should ask themselves what the ruling saying to “everybody that [sic] wants to do work in New York and wants to risk capital?”

O’Leary was baffled that the judge was allowed to “arbitrarily decide that [it was] the right amount.” He said he didn’t understand the ruling and neither do other developers. The television star went on to say that the ruling was “an atrocity” and “an embarrassment.” He called it “an assault on real estate” and called the Empire State “a loser state” just like California. Further, O’Leary said he has no intention of investing in the state now.

In another interview on Fox Business, O’Leary said that moving forward he would invest in places like Florida and Texas. Trump applauded O’Leary’s comments on social media, calling him “so great” and saying he is telling “it like it is.”

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