Multiple Dead Americans Lead FBI to Investigate This Popular Vacation Spot

Are American tourists to the Dominican Republic in danger? That’s the question the FBI is now asking — and the Bureau has special agents in the island nation to find an answer.

Three US tourists have died in the Dominican Republic in the last month. A 41-year-old woman from Pennsylvania died suddenly on May 25th after having a drink from the minibar in her hotel room. The cause of death was respiratory failure triggered by her lungs filling with fluid. Five days later a couple from Maryland died in another hotel owned by the same chain — and they also died of respiratory failure after drinking from the minibar.

Since these deaths, relatives of four more Americans who died there in the last year have spoken up. All four died quickly and unexpectedly, and at least one is known to have used their minibar not long before their death. The FBI knows about these cases, too.

So what’s happening? So far nobody’s saying the deaths are connected — that’s just a possibility. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to suspect poisoned drinks might be involved though, and sure enough, the FBI seems to be focusing on toxicology tests. The Dominican Republic’s minister of tourism is asking people not to speculate, but his job depends on tourism, so that’s not a surprise.

With more than two million Americans a year vacationing in the Dominican Republic, it’s inevitable that some will have problems — and a few, sadly, will die — while they’re there. But the recent deaths have been numerous enough and similar enough that we need to know if someone, somehow, is targeting US citizens in the country.

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