Murder Data Shows Violent Crime on the Rise In Atlanta

Murder Data Shows Violent Crime on the Rise In Atlanta

( – National crime statistics have risen substantially in Democratic-run cities in the wake of the “Defund the Police” movement. Several municipalities have experienced alarming increases in violent crime incidents; Atlanta, Georgia, is no exception.

On August 25, Atlanta police Deputy Chief Charles Hampton pleaded with citizens to “put the guns down” and act like “decent human beings” during a hastily called press conference after the city crossed the 100 homicide milestone for 2021. He emphasized the fact that in most instances, the assailants and victims knew each other. According to him, only about 20% of the city’s homicides were committed by strangers.

Atlanta police officers investigated a total of 157 homicides last year, the highest number in more than 20 years. By mid-year 2021, the Atlanta PD reported an increase of nearly 60% in murder cases.

Hampton did offer reassurances that police investigators are on top of things when it comes to murders. According to him, the department has a 75% clearance rate in homicide cases, a figure significantly higher than the national average.

Sadly, other violent crimes are also on the rise in Atlanta. As of the middle of August, the city saw an increase of 63% in rapes and 18% in aggravated assaults.

Atlanta isn’t alone. Other Democratic-led cities like Chicago and New York have experienced similar increases in violent crimes. When are Democratic mayors going to learn that coddling criminals and defunding police departments put their citizens in harm’s way?

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