Murders of Women on the Rise in Mexico

Murders of Women on the Rise in Mexico

( – President Donald Trump’s border wall construction has sped up during the COVID-19 pandemic. Meanwhile, violence in Mexico is increasing. Women, especially, have been in danger in the country.

According to an ABC News report, there’s been a 9.2% increase in the number of women killed in Mexico since the pandemic began. There’s no explanation of why the country is becoming more dangerous for women, but it could be domestic violence deaths that have happened as a result of lockdown orders.

The Council on Foreign Relations found more of this type of brutality across other countries as well, according to a May 13 report.

In addition to the increase in violence against women, the US’ neighbor to the South is also seeing a 12.1% spike in drug dealing. Murders have gone up 1.9%. Just this month, an attack on a drug rehab center killed 24 and left 7 in serious condition.

As violence in the country rises, it becomes more important than ever to build the wall. The last thing we need is for that terror to bubble over into our country.

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