Nancy Pelosi Claims Trump’s Policies On Protecting Elections Is “Domestic Assault” On Constitution

Nancy Pelosi Claims Trump’s Policies On Protecting Elections Is “Domestic Assault” On Constitution

( – When Postmaster General Louis DeJoy took over the position within the United States Postal Service (USPS), he implemented a number of changes to improve the agency’s financial standing. Prior to his arrival, it was bleeding money. Democrats, like Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), however, believe he’s trying to help President Donald Trump steal the election.

During an August 14, interview on MSNBC, Pelosi said the president is committing a “domestic assault on our Constitution” and the GOP will “have to answer to its children and grandchildren.” According to the speaker, the Republican Party is putting up roadblocks to stop people from voting.

In reality, Trump and the GOP support safe and secure elections which is why they believe in voter ID laws, cleaning up voter rolls and oppose mail-in voting.

For weeks, Pelosi and her minions have claimed the administration is tampering with the USPS to rig the election. DeJoy put an end to that narrative on August 18, when he announced he was pausing many of the procedural changes he was making to the postal service until after the election. In a statement, the postmaster general guaranteed the following:

  • Mailboxes and processing equipment is being returned.
  • Processing centers will stay open.
  • Retail hours won’t change.
  • Overtime can continue if needed.

The Trump official said he decided to do it in order to “avoid even the appearance” of election interference. His decision won’t cure the significant financial problems facing the USPS, though.

DeJoy eliminated the basis of the Left’s fear-mongering. They can no longer say the USPS is being used for nefarious purposes. So, what are they going to accuse Trump of next?

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