Nancy Pelosi Extends House Proxy Voting Until November 16

( – Democratic Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi extended proxy voting for the third time amid continued concerns regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. The policy was set to expire on Friday, but Pelosi’s Sept. 30 announcement extended it until the middle of the month.

Proxy voting upends 231 years of House rule requiring members of Congress to be present to vote on any pending legislation or other matters up for consideration. Under Pelosi’s rule change, members who cannot travel to Washington can have other members present to cast their votes by proxy.

Pelosi first enacted the policy in May over the objection of House Republicans, who called the move an “unconstitutional power-grab.” House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) said the move to internet voting “disconnected” members of Congress from the American people.

Republican leaders have urged their members to attend committee meetings and floor votes in person and filed a lawsuit in May claiming the practice of voting by proxy is unconstitutional.

Legislators have managed to cast their votes in Washington despite pandemics, wars, and extreme climate events for over two hundred years. Perhaps it’s Pelosi, and House Democrats lack of respect for long-standing democratic institutions like voting in person.

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