NBA Player Sacrificing Career to Stand Up for Freedom in the US

NBA Player Sacrificing Career to Stand Up for Freedom in the US

( – COVID-19 vaccine mandates have become increasingly more common over the last several months. New York City has one of the strictest mandates in the country. The Democrat-controlled city doesn’t permit anyone aged 12 or older to enter any indoor restaurant, bar, coffee shop, gym, entertainment venue or other space without proof of at least one dose of a coronavirus vaccine.

As a result of the mandates, many businesses have required their employees to vaccinate. NBA teams that play in NYC are an example. The Brooklyn Nets is one of the teams requiring players to take the vaccine. Now, it has benched one of its star players over his refusal to roll over and undergo a medical procedure he doesn’t want.

Benched Indefinitely

On Tuesday, October 12, the Nets announced they would not allow Kyrie Irving to play or practice with the team until he takes the COVID-19 vaccine. General Manager Sean Marks told the press the basketball player “made a personal choice” and claimed he had the right to make that decision for his own health. However, the GM said Irving’s decision “restricts his ability to be a full-time member of the team,” and the Nets organization doesn’t allow anyone to be a part-time player.

Irving’s Position

The day after the team’s announcement, Irving spoke out. He said he’s “choosing what’s best for” him, even though it’s keeping him away from the game he loves. The basketballer stands to lose more than $400,000 per game when he doesn’t play but says he doesn’t care about the loss.

During an Instagram Live session, Irving said, “It’s not about the money, baby. It’s not always about the money.” He explained he doesn’t want to lose money, the championship or his job, but he is choosing what’s right for him.

Irving said he would appreciate it if people would respect his choice to remain unvaccinated. He assured his fans he will stay in shape, so he’s ready to be part of the action again. He made it very clear his choice isn’t based on him “being anti-vax.” The superstar b-baller told the press he isn’t going to retire over the decision either.

Freedom of Choice

Millions of Americans around the country are deciding to remain unvaccinated. That doesn’t mean they are anti-vax. Many of them, like Irving, are just pro freedom-of-choice.

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