NBA Players Charged in Insurance Fraud Scheme

NBA Players Charged in Insurance Fraud Scheme

( – When people think about retired athletes, images of television spots, product endorsements, and international exhibitions typically come to mind. The last thing most people envision is a string of fraud-related arrests. But that’s exactly what happened to several former NBA players caught shamming insurance providers.

The US Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York issued a press release announcing the unveiling of federal indictments against 18 former NBA players and one spouse of a former player for defrauding the NBA players’ Health and Welfare insurance plan out of nearly $4 million.

The players allegedly worked with health care providers to produce false insurance reimbursement claims for medical services they never received. The players included widely recognizable names like Ronald “Big Baby” Davis, Tony Allen, and Sebastian Telfair.

US Attorney Audrey Strauss stated the “defendants’ playbook[s]” included “fraud and deception.” But, thanks to the dedication of her office’s law enforcement partners, the players’ criminal scheme came to an abrupt end. Nevertheless, they will have their day in court to answer for their “flagrant” disregard for the law.

FBI Assistant Director Mike Driscoll echoed that sentiment and thanked his field agents and partner agencies for demonstrating their ongoing commitment to uncovering health care fraud schemes that harm both consumers and the industry.

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