NC Voter ID Law Stopped

NC Voter ID Law Stopped

( – North Carolina elections may be less safe thanks to a ruling from an appeals court.

This week, the North Carolina Court of Appeals halted the state’s voter ID law because they believe its purpose was to discriminate against black people. The three-judge panel called racial bias the “primary motivating factor” behind the law.

Democrats have long argued that requiring a voter ID disenfranchises minority voters. Republicans, on the other hand, say the laws make elections safer. Actual research into the subject shows mixed results. Some studies concluded that minorities may have a tougher time affording the cost of IDs if they don’t already have them while another suggests that people interested in voting will vote regardless of any ID requirements.

The preliminary injunction will stop the law while the case winds its way through the court system. However, if the case is not decided soon, there’s a high chance the ruling will mean polling places won’t be allowed to ask voters for identification during the 2020 election.

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