Nevada GOP Sends Criminal Referral to Bill Barr Alleging Voter Fraud

( – Questions still linger regarding the collection and counting of ballots in the 2020 presidential election. Trump campaign lawyers have filed several actions in the courts. While several lawsuits await final rulings, the possibility remains for more filings before the states complete the certification process for the vote tallies.

Attorneys working for Nevada’s Republican Party submitted a criminal referral to the United States Department of Justice regarding allegations of more than 3,000 instances of voter fraud.

Nevada GOP officials issued a statement confirming the Justice Department referral on November 5. Additionally, they noted they expected the total number of fraud instances to increase “substantially.” At issue are allegations that several individuals cast votes in Nevada after moving out of the state to other locations.

Fox News reached out to Justice Department officials who confirmed they received the referral, adding the department would follow up using standard investigatory practices.

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