New COVID-19 Strain Spreading Across Europe — Are We Next?

( – With the country heading into the flu and cold season with a global pandemic afoot, the last thing the United States needs is reports of a new threat. However, a recent medical study details a new strain of the COVID-19 virus spreading across Europe.

Released on October 28, the study is in pre-print on MedRxiv and hasn’t been peer-reviewed yet. It details a new variant of the SARS-CoV-2 virus that swept across Europe throughout the summer and autumn months of 2020.

Believed to have originated in Spain in June, this new form of the coronavirus spread to Ireland and Switzerland in mid-July and the UK in September. It has also been traced to outbreaks in France, Latvia, the Netherlands, and Norway. Whether it spreads from some form of transmission advantage or through tourism remains unclear.

The long-term implications of this new COVID-19 strain on the US remain unclear. However, genome studies indicate the strain of the coronavirus that hit New York in February came from Europe, and the one that hit the West Coast came from Asia. Additionally, the variant hitting New York came with an extremely high transmission rate. Hopefully, the Europeans can get a grip on the situation before it spreads to other continents.

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