New COVID Condition: Are Children at Risk?

New COVID Condition: Are Children at Risk?

( – The CDC recently updated the list of symptoms COVID-19 patients may experience. It turns out, the US isn’t the only country noticing recent problems from the coronavirus in young people. A new report out of the United Kingdom (UK) says the virus is causing major problems for children.

On April 27, the Health Service Journal reported a “significant alert” issued to doctors after a rise in the number of kids who were admitted to the ICU with multisystem inflammation.

Alerts to doctors reportedly say the illness has some “features of toxic shock syndrome.” The new issue has been a problem for some children who have confirmed diagnoses of COVID-19. It’s not certain the symptoms are a result of the coronavirus — it could also be the result of another infectious pathogen that hasn’t yet been identified.

Physicians in this country are extremely concerned worried about new issues. The US is hopefully taking notice, in the event these issues become a problem here, too.

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