New Gun Laws Cause Rift Between Police And State

( – The debate regarding states’ rights versus federal rights goes back to the days of the Founding Fathers. A new law signed by Missouri’s Republican Gov. Mike Parson last month is creating a rift between some state and federal law enforcement officials.

The goal of that law, the Second Amendment Preservation Act, is to protect Missouri residents from “federal government overreach.” It also aims to prevent federal agencies from using state-led law enforcement agencies “to infringe” on the Constitutionally protected right of Missourians to “bear arms.” 

The new statute calls for fines of up to $50,000 for police officers who attempt to enforce federal gun laws. It also invalidated several federal firearms regulations.

Law enforcement reaction to the new law is mixed, with some agencies expressing concern it could interfere with joint investigations with the ATF and other federal agencies concerning crimes involving the use of firearms. Others, like the Missouri Highway Patrol, halted its participation in joint operations with an ATF-led task force. In addition, officials at the City of O’Fallon Police Department canceled future use of a couple of K9 officers who had been working with the ATF on an “as-needed basis.”

The full impact of the law appears unclear. For now, the ATF and FBI have reached out to state law enforcement agencies and departments to see if any more of them want to sever or limit the ties. 

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