New Mexico Regrets Voting For Joe Biden Amid Oil And Gas Plan

( – Shortly after being sworn in on January 20, President Joe Biden signed executive orders that impacted nearly every aspect of US policy. Many of the actions he took will have a negative impact on the energy sector. Now voters in one state are expressing regret.

According to a January 22 Associated Press report, New Mexico voters are upset about Biden’s executive orders targeting the energy industry, specifically the one that suspended new oil and gas leases for 60 days. Republicans and leaders surrounding the Permian Basin, a highly productive region in the state, say Biden will devastate the area economically if he tries to make the ban permanent.

In addition to the moratorium on new leases across the country, Biden stopped the Keystone XL project and re-entered the country in the Paris Climate Accord. There are concerns that thousands of jobs will be lost as a result of his decisions. It’s too early to tell how much damage the new president has done, but there’s no doubt the picture will become clearer in the coming months.

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