New Poll Reveals Majority of Americans Oppose Federal Government Expansion

New Poll Reveals Majority of Americans Oppose Federal Government Expanding

( – On November 15, President Joe Biden signed the $1.2 trillion infrastructure package into law, and the $1.75 trillion Build Back Better bill isn’t far behind. At the beginning of November, the Washington Post conducted a poll of about 1,000 people to see how they felt about the current administration. When asked specifically about government expansion, the majority of those surveyed showed growing concerns.

An alarming 59% of Americans in the poll think Biden will increase the size and role of government, which they oppose. That number rose by six points in about six months.

Sweeping Mandates Across America

To understand why the majority of those surveyed balked at the idea of government expansion, one needs to look no further than the mandates across the United States. The government’s demand for vaccination proof or regular coronavirus testing for employment, travel, and shopping has many upset about their constitutional rights.

Freedom of choice protests have popped up all over the country, showing the resistance to forced mandates from the White House and federal agencies.

Bolstering the IRS

A more powerful tax agency is another Big Brother example raising concerns among US residents. If the Build Back Better package passes in its current form, it will broaden the reach of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) across the United States. That could lead to more audits from the unpopular agency for citizens already trying to interpret and apply a complex tax code every year. Unfortunately, the money allotted to helping taxpayers understand their obligation pales by comparison.

Social Programs

The upcoming infrastructure bill would also expand social programs, placing the federal government’s hand in everything from healthcare to education. The current framework on the table offers free universal preschool for children, expands Medicaid and Medicare and extends monthly child tax credit payments.

Instead of supporting capitalism and free autonomy, it appears the bill fosters a greater dependence on the government.

Lawmaker Response

On November 16, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) mocked the multi-trillion-dollar social infrastructure bill, referring to it as the “Build Back Beijing” package that will hurt American families and benefit China. Republican lawmakers, as a whole, don’t support the plan. Yet, Democrats plan to pass it without their backing.

If so, it appears the American majority’s concerns will go unheard as expected government growth continues. The US will see how voters react when they visit the ballot box for the midterms in 2022.

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