New Poll Shows How Republicans Feel About Trump on Medical Issues

( – Former President Donald Trump has been out of office for nearly three months, but he still remains a powerful force in the country. In fact, a new poll shows that he is still widely respected and trusted even though he isn’t sitting behind the Resolute desk any longer.

A recent The Economist/YouGov Poll, conducted between April 3 and 6, found that the former president still has a lot of influence over his supporters. The poll asked Republican voters how much they trust the “medical advice” when it comes to helping them make decisions about their health. The answer was stunning with 66% of Republicans putting their trust in Donald Trump.

Only 11% of the Republicans said that they trusted Biden and 18% believe what Dr. Anthony Fauci has to say. With the midterms fast approaching and the presidential election shortly after that, it’s clear the former commander-in-chief still holds a lot of power. The question is, how is he going to harness that power?”

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