New Report Finds Feds Illegally Ignored Trump’s Order

( – The last few years have seen a rise in threats to American companies and national security due to applications and software systems controlled or developed by China-based companies. Former President Donald Trump issued an executive order on May 15, 2019, securing the nation’s “information and communications technology ” by mobile and desktop software applications originating in China, Hong Kong, and Macau. He issued a supplemental executive order on January 5, taking additional steps to protect computers, tablets, and smartphones.

Those orders banned the acquisition, installation, and any other use of information and communications technology from China. However, it appears some governmental entities purchased that technology anyway.

Research company IPVM reported on May 24 that more than 300 governmental entities representing 100 municipalities, towns, and cities across the United States purchased surveillance systems manufactured by China. Of particular concern is the fact that China used those systems to facilitate human rights abuses in its Uighur region.

Trump ordered a ban on those purchases more than two years ago. Yet, these agencies and organizations have seen fit to ignore that directive, putting Americans at risk. The question that jumps out is did the Biden administration fail to monitor and enforce Trump’s executive orders?

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