New Study Shows Trump Is Stronger Than Media Thinks

( – In 2016, Hillary Clinton believed she had the election in the bag. All of the polls were telling her that she was going to win. She didn’t even bother campaigning in some of the most critical states because she was certain that Donald Trump would not beat her.

It was a grave miscalculation on Clinton’s part.

The Silent Majority turned out, and Trump strutted to victory. Now, four years later, it seems the Left has not learned the lessons of the past.

Swing Voter Project

For six months, a company called Engagious has been working on the “Swing Voter Project.” This massive report collected voter data across four of the most critical states Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. What they found is not startling to those who’ve paid attention to movement in the country.

According to the report, 68% of swing voters in those states said they’re voting for Donald Trump in 2020. These are people who cast their ballots for President Barack Obama and then switched to Trump in 2016. Many on the Left thought Joe Biden would be able to win these voters back because he was the 44th president’s vice president, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

COVID-19 Isn’t Trump’s Fault

The report also found the majority of these voters do not blame President Trump for the COVID-19 pandemic, despite Biden’s attempts to link him to the more than 200,000 deaths in the US.

The attempts by Biden to blame the president for the pandemic are silly. COVID-19 is a highly infectious disease that spreads easily. Blaming him for the virus is like blaming him for the flu. He isn’t a superhero who can stop the coronavirus with one steely-eyed gaze. Voters seem to recognize that and if this data is correct, his victory may be imminent.

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