New York Times Ignores Own Report on Election Fraud Issues

( – Donald Trump and others warned the nation about the unreliability of the mainstream media. Once trusted news outlets like The New York Times have had to occasionally issue retractions for previous articles subsequently proven to be false.

One America News Network (OANN) called out The New York Times for its stunning hypocrisy on April 17. The media giant recently criticized OANN over its coverage of election fraud allegations surrounding the 2021 presidential election. OANN host Pearson Sharp punched back at The NY Times for ignoring its own coverage warning against the potential for election fraud.

The New York Times talked extensively in a pre-election article about vulnerabilities within America’s voting systems. The article discussed problems with voting machines and the fact many states don’t conduct adequate post-election audits. Another New York Times article discussed the potential for error and fraud associated with absentee ballots.

As Pearson Sharp stated, there appears to be a never-ending stream of hatred launched against OANN by the mainstream media. Perhaps, they should divert that attention inwards and work to correct the inaccuracy of their own reporting instead of attacking OANN’s fact-based coverage.

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