Nikki Haley Demands Cognitive Test for Lawmakers

Nikki Haley Demands Cognitive Test for Lawmakers

( – Former White House physician, Dr. Ronny Jackson, administered the Montreal Cognitive Assessment test to President Donald Trump in 2018. Trump passed the test with flying colors, later calling on then-presidential candidate Joe Biden to do the same. Nikki Haley, the former president’s Ambassador to the United Nations, recently echoed that sentiment in general terms.

On Thursday, November 11, Christian Broadcasting Network host David Brody asked Haley about Biden’s mental acuity. She indicated she wanted to address the broader issue of all politicians beyond a certain age, whether they serve in the House, Senate, as vice president, or president of the United States. As she explained, politicians must meet various requirements to serve — why not include cognitive tests as a means of scrutinizing their mental state?

Haley wrapped up her comments, pointing out the idea of testing lawmakers shouldn’t be a partisan consideration. “Let’s face [facts],” she said. America has a lot of aging people in leadership positions. Therefore, voters should consider people’s advancing age and cognitive skills when deciding who to elect. “That’s not disrespectful,” she explained. It’s a fact that a lot of lawmakers have reached an age where such questions arise.

What do you think? Should politicians over a certain age submit to mandatory cognitive functioning testing?

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