North Carolina Won’t Update Election Results For Over A Week (REPORT)

( – The country remains on edge with final vote counts outstanding in several states, including North Carolina. Tension continues rising over ballot counting procedures with Trump campaign lawyers filing election-related lawsuits in four states this week. Amid all this controversy, North Carolina election officials dropped a major bomb on election watchers. 

Officials with North Carolina’s State Board of Elections announced it didn’t expect to receive any new vote counts for more than a week in a November 4 tweet detailing post-election procedures and scheduling. 

Karen Brinson, the board’s executive director, told reporters that election results wouldn’t change until sometime after the 12th or 13th of November, “with very few exceptions.”

That’s the time frame when each county board of elections meets to certify mail-in ballots and render decisions on provisional applications submitted by voters.

Final certification of the vote in North Carolina isn’t scheduled until November 24, and several other states don’t complete the process until sometime in December. However, with any luck, officials can call the election results this week, barring the outcome of any recounts or legal proceedings. 

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