North Korea Unveils Terrifying New Missile System in Attempt To Stoke Fear Around the World

( – North Korea unveiled two new ballistic missile systems during an October 10 military parade: a submarine-launched missile and an enormous intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) system. As standalone systems, neither is particularly troublesome. However, combined with other technologies, the ICBM system does present a potentially significant risk to American interests.

Of particular concern is the possible use of nuclear warheads with the new ICBM, thought to be the largest one ever built by North Korea. Previously, the Hwasong-15 was the country’s largest ICBM. However, neither it nor the new system has ever been test-fired, and it remains questionable whether they are capable of delivering a warhead to its intended target.

Based on past experience, the unveiling likely represents the latest of an ongoing series of efforts by Kim Jong-un to pressure the Trump administration into making economic concessions to North Korea. It could even be part of an effort by the North Korean leader to aid the election efforts of Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.

Time will tell, but President Donald Trump has yet to blink at prior efforts by Kim Jong-un to influence US policy towards North Korea.

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