NSA Fights Back Against Cyberattacks by Reaching Out to Private Sector

(ReliableNews.org) – The National Security Agency (NSA) heads up the US government’s response to cyber threats. However, federal law prohibits the NSA from operating within the US borders. For that reason, it established the Cyber Collaboration Center (CCC) in 2011 to serve as a hub where security experts working for the government, private industry, and academia can “collaborate on critical cybersecurity concerns.”

Rob Jones, the NSA’s head of cybersecurity, hosted a group of journalists at the CCC on June 22 and discussed the NSA’s ongoing collaboration with private industry with them. As he explained, the private sector provides “reach into places [the] NSA doesn’t go,” like domestic cyber systems.

Morgan Adamski, the CCC’s chief, echoed that sentiment and explained the CCC is hoping to expand its collaborative efforts to include internet service providers, cybersecurity companies, and cloud server operators. The CCC already works with companies like Microsoft to uncover potential vulnerabilities.

While this partnership between the NSA and private industry may raise some privacy concerns, the hope is the collaboration will prove to be a step in the right direction towards eradicating cyber threats to national security systems and privately based infrastructure.

Recent cyberattacks on American infrastructure like the Colonial Pipeline have drawn attention to serious vulnerabilities within US-based cyber systems. Hopefully, this partnership will help secure US-based systems.

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