NYC Mayor Hurls THREATS At Greg Abbott — Lawsuit Incoming?

NYC Mayor Mulls Taking Legal Action Against Governor Abbott

NYC Mayor Mulls Taking Legal Action Against Governor Abbott

( – In the spring, Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) began bussing migrants from border towns in his state to Democratic-run cities. He’s bussed thousands of them to Washington, DC, New York City, and Chicago since then. Now one mayor is thinking about suing him.

On Sunday, September 18, during an appearance on CBS 2, NYC Mayor Eric Adams said the city’s lawyers are trying to determine whether to file suit against Abbott. He went on to say there is currently a belief that they have a number of options. He accused the Texas governor of placing migrants on buses without their permission.

Adams didn’t provide any proof that the migrants are being forced onto buses without their consent. The Abbott administration has said that in order to bus migrants to other states, he needs them to voluntarily board the vehicles. Offering someone a ride isn’t illegal. If the Lone Star State leader were placing people on buses without their consent, that would be a different matter.

The threats from Adams come amid a growing battle between Democratic city and state leaders, and conservative governors. The GOP leaders argue that they’re just testing the sanctuary cities and helping to ease the burden on their own towns.

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