NYT Guest Article Calls for Abortion Education in Schools

NYT Guest Article Calls for Abortion Education in Schools

Leftist Paper Announces New Target In War For Abortion Rights

(ReliableNews.org) – In June, the Supreme Court ruled to reverse federal abortion rights. As a result, states have begun passing individual laws on the matter. Guest columnists for The New York Times are now calling on educational leaders to “normalize” the procedure.

On July 20, Doctors Lisa Lieberman and Eva Goldfarb wrote an essay claiming the same groups that wanted to outlaw abortion are also trying to destroy sex education. They accused conservative politicians of carrying out their agenda “under the guise of parental rights and school transparency.” They went on to say only 11 states have mandates for “medically accurate” lessons. The doctors alleged that others specifically prohibit conversations about abortion or cover it negatively.

Goldfarb and Lieberman contended it was critical for schools to “dispel the misinformation young people” learn about abortions. The Montclair State University professors said the procedure needs to be normalized for young women since one in four will undergo it in their lifetimes.

Sex education in schools has long been a controversial issue. While figures show more than 93% of parents want their kids to receive lessons on the subject, it’s largely up to states and localities to decide exactly what subjects to include.

Do you think educators should teach children about abortion in schools?

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