Obama Pushes Gun Control Agenda Following Shooting

(ReliableNews.org) – Over the last decade or so, every time there is a mass shooting Democratic politicians come out and start calling for gun control. Former President Barack Obama did it multiple times throughout his presidency, most notably after the Sandy Hook shooting in Newtown, CT that left 20 children and 6 adults dead. Although he hasn’t been in office for over four years, the former POTUS is continuing to encourage the Left to infringe on second amendment gun rights.

Atlanta Shooting

On March 16, a gunman targeted massage parlors in the metropolitan Atlanta area. The police arrested Robert Aaron Long, 21, for the shootings that left 6 Asian women and 2 white men dead. The police have said that they aren’t sure about what motivated the alleged suspect. However, he told officers that it was not racially motivated, but rather stemmed from some sort of sexual addiction and he reportedly saw those locations as temptation. The police did say family members contacted them because they thought the suspect might have been their son.

Obama Reacts

Obama commented on the shooting the next day and pointed to an uptick in attacks against the Asian community, even though the police did not say it was related. He also claimed that the attacks were “another tragic reminder” that the US has “more work to do to put in place common sense gun safety laws.”

The problem with Obama’s comments is that the police have not said where the alleged suspect got his guns. As of the time of the former president’s comments they had not said if the weapon or weapons used were legal or illegal. Almost nothing was known, so how could he possibly blame it on gun control?

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