Obama’s Half-Brother BETRAYS Him — Pushes Trump-Endorsed Candidate

Obama's Half-Brother Sides With GOP -- Pushes Trump-Endorsed Candidate

Obama’s Half-Brother Sides With GOP — Pushes Trump-Endorsed Candidate

(ReliableNews.org) – In 2016, Donald Trump invited an unassuming African-American man to join him at a debate. That man turned out to be Malik Obama, the brother of then-President Barack Obama. Six years later, the elder Obama is keeping that same anti-Democratic Party energy.

On October 2, the former president’s brother responded to a tweet from conservative Jack Posobiec, who told him he believed Malik Obama would really like where Pennsylvania gubernatorial candidate Doug Mastriano stands on the issues. The older Obama told the conservative that he would support anyone who former President Trump has thrown his weight behind.

Malik Obama has previously stated that he had a falling out with his famous younger brother. In 2020, he told the New York Post that the 44th president “got rich and became a snob.” He went on to say that he thinks the former POTUS has always wanted “people to worship him,” but he refuses to do that. “I am his older brother so I don’t do that.”

In the same interview two years ago, Malik Obama said he was “110% still with Trump.” He explained that he liked that the former president wasn’t “fake” and is “bold and fearless.” It seems that he remains staunchly in the 45th POTUS’ corner.

What do you think about the sibling dynamic?

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