Ocasio-Cortez Silent After the Brutal Murder of 10 Year Old Boy

(ReliableNews.org) – The call to “defund the police” is having dire consequences in New York City. Shooting incidents increased 86% in May, and the murder rate rose 9%.

The New York Police Department posted a chilling video from June 5 showing the instant a gunman shot up a home in Queens, killing 10-year-old Justin Wallace.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) frequently speaks out in defense of crime victims. However, she remained silent about this shooting for some unknown reason, although part of Queens is in her district. As of June 8, she hasn’t issued any statement about the incident. Neither has she spoken out against other recent murders in New York City.

Ocasio-Cortez has loudly blamed others in authority about the rise in violent crime in the past. But, her seeming lack of interest this week has raised questions regarding her motivation to speak out in the past. She frequently uses violent incidents as an excuse to call for an end to the future construction of jails. Does she actually care about the violent murder of children, or does she only get upset when she can use incidents to push her radical anti-police agenda?

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