Ocasio-Cortez’s Near Death Experience At The Capitol Is Not As It Seems

Clint, Texas / USA - 1 July 2019

(ReliableNews.org) – Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) uses her Instagram account as a kind of digital sword, slaying anything that gets in the way of her Leftist agenda.

A perfect case in point began with her Instagram Live video of January 13. She discussed her experiences during the January 6 riot when several individuals breached the US Capitol Building.

According to her, she had a “close encounter” with death. She refused to elaborate, claiming she couldn’t talk specifics due to security concerns. However, as it turns out, the circumstances of her situation appear to be less than earth-shattering.

On February 1, she explained the cause for her alarm during a follow-up live video. This time, she explained it was due to a Capitol Police officer knocking on the door to the room where she was hiding and instructing her to evacuate to a nearby building. According to her, the officer was alone and exhibited a “tremendous amount of anger.”

Perhaps, like her, the officer was fired up as rioters stormed the nation’s capital. The operative question is, “does being rescued by a police officer qualify as a near-death experience?”

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