One Country Gets Extreme With MS13

One Country Gets Extreme With MS13

( – When President Donald Trump took office, he immediately started cracking down on the gang problem in the US. One of the criminal organizations in his sights was MS13. Now, El Salvador has had enough of the gang as well.

El Salvadoran President Nayib Bukele recently gave the police and military permission to use lethal force against gang members as needed. The president’s decision came after gangsters took advantage of the country’s COVID-19 lockdown and 50 people died as a result of the violence.

Bukele’s declaration said the “terrorists” receive orders from incarcerated members and then carry out violence. As a result, the president cracked down on inmates as well and circulated photos of barely dressed gang members forced to sit in tight lines on prison floors.

Gangs have been an ongoing problem in El Salvador and other Central American countries. Bukele is doing his best, just like President Trump, to put an end to the bloodshed. And it’s long past time for a change.

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