Pelosi Snaps – Claims She’s Too Busy “Trying To Save The World” To Condemn Violent Riots

( – House Speaker Nancy Pelosi appears to be getting more and more delusional by the day. She’s completely out of control.

In an interview with the Washington Examiner, Pelosi FREAKED OUT when asked why she hasn’t condemned the violent “Black Lives Matter” riots in her own district. Instead of condemning the violence, Pelosi claimed that she is too busy “trying to save the world from Coronavirus.”

Pelosi even began to attack House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy for even suggesting that she should criticize the violence.

Pelosi Lashes Out

It all started when House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy said on Wednesday that he believed Nancy Pelosi should condemn the violent protesters who have illegally destroyed statues in Pelosi’s own district.

When the Washington Examiner pressed Pelosi about the issue, she completely lost it.

Pelosi went on a delusional rant, claiming that she was trying to save the world. She even went on to berate and belittle Rep. McCarthy for daring to criticize her.

Pelosi said that she’s trying to save the world:

“I’m trying to save the world from coronavirus.”

‘Pelosi then went on to attack McCarthy, saying:

“I have no interest in about [sic] McCarthy, who hasn’t had the faintest idea of our dynamic in our district.”

Pelosi refused to talk about the issue any further. And she definitely did not criticize the violence.

It’s Time For Pelosi To Go

It looks like Nancy Pelosi has turned her back on her own district. She’s not serving the American people anymore. She doesn’t even uphold law and order.

Seems like Pelosi’s time is up. She’s gone too far this time by fundamentally ignoring her own people during a national crisis. Many believe she’s incompetent, negligent, and out of control – and it’s time to get her out.

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