Pelosi Uses Coronavirus As Excuse To Let House Members Stay Home While Silencing GOP

( – Once again, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi appears to be exploiting a national crisis to push her liberal agenda.

According to a report by the The Hill, Pelosi just gave an “emergency” order for the U.S. House to extend “remote voting” for lawmakers for another month. She claims she’s doing it because of COVID-19, but in reality it seems she’s only doing it because it gives Democrats an unfair advantage over Republicans.

Exploiting A Crisis For Power

On Monday, Pelosi confirmed she will allow lawmakers to continue to vote from home due to the pandemic. She first allowed remote voting back on May 20th but has now extended the modification through August 18th. In other words, lawmakers are not required to be present on the House floor in order to vote on new bills.

An Unfair Advantage

What Pelosi probably doesn’t want you to know is that remote voting gives Democrats a huge unfair advantage.

Because Democrats control a majority of House members, having remote voting hurts Republicans who show up in person to give oral arguments. No one is around to hear what they have to say.

Even worse? It’s also the equivalent of giving House members the equivalent of a free vacation on taxpayer dollars. After all, they no longer need to show up to work.

Angry House Republicans have filed a lawsuit against Pelosi’s “remote voting,” calling it unconstitutional because it silences opposing viewpoints in the House.

Republican leaders are taking a stand. They believe that if lawmakers will show up to vote in person, just like everyone else, if they really care about America

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