Pence Slams Kamala For “Playing Politics” With People’s Lives

( – The vice presidential debate on October 7 covered a broad range of topics and was calm, for the most part. There was one point when Vice President Mike Pence was visibly upset with something Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) said during a conversation about the coronavirus.

Moderator Susan Page asked Harris if she would get the COVID-19 vaccine when the FDA approves it. The senator responded by saying only if healthcare professionals say it is safe, but she would not get it if President Donald Trump recommends it.

Vice President Pence did not like that response and shot back, telling Harris to “stop playing politics with people’s lives.”

The senator’s comment was unnecessary. If the FDA approves a COVID-19 vaccine, it will be because scientists and healthcare professionals vouched for its safety after trials. To insinuate that the president is untrustworthy during a pandemic, and he would harm the American people is irresponsible at best.

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