Pete Buttigieg Reportedly Being Eyed for 2024 by Democrats

Pete Buttigieg Reportedly Being Eyed for 2024 by Democrats

( – The 2024 presidential election may be three years in the future, but observers can already see some movement on both sides of the aisle. Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has recently teased the idea of running while plugging his new book on the talk show circuit. On the other side of the coin, several media outlets like The Washington Post and POLITICO started tossing around Pete Buttigieg’s name as a possible Democratic contender should President Joe Biden decide not to run.

Fox News contributor Joe Concha discussed Democratic chatter regarding 2024 during a Fox and Friends appearance on November 22. Concha told viewers Democratic donors like the idea of the current Transportation Secretary getting the nomination over Vice President Kamala Harris.

According to him, donors want to back a winner and don’t see that happening with Biden receiving the approval of “barely more than one-third of the country” and Harris only getting a 28% approval rating. “That’s not a winning ticket,” Concha concluded, pointing to rising inflation and supply chain shortages looming over the Biden administration.

On the plus side, according to POLITICO, having either Buttigieg or Harris heading up the Democratic White House bid in 2024 would be a gift to Republicans. Both “exemplify” the Democratic party’s current failings with the American public and bring “their own flagrant personal political weaknesses” to the field of possible Republican rivals.

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