Pfizer Testing Oral Antiviral Drug for Covid-19

Pfizer Testing Oral Antiviral Drug for Covid-19

( – Pfizer isn’t just capable of creating successful inoculations, such as the one recently created to reduce Covid-19 symptoms. They might also be responsible for a breakthrough new drug that might the solution everyone was hoping for in treating and eliminating the actual virus.

On Monday, September 27, Pfizer announced the beginning of a large study to test the effectiveness of an oral antiviral drug that could protect people against COVID-19. The drug would be used to prevent infections in patients who were exposed to the virus. The study is in Phase 2/3 of clinical trials.

The antiviral medication is currently named PF-07321332. It’s reportedly designed to block the enzyme COVID-19 needs to multiply and would be administered with a low dose of an HIV drug, ritonavir.

The medication could provide an alternative to or complement the COVID-19 vaccines if all goes well. Although millions of Americans are vaccinated against the virus, others aren’t comfortable with or can’t get the shots because of health reasons.

Pfizer’s Chief Scientific Officer Mikael Dolsten told Axios the company believes PF-07321332 “could help stop the virus early — before it has had a chance to replicate extensively.” The pharmaceutical company is looking for up to 2,660 adults ages 18 and older who live with someone with asymptomatic COVID-19 to participate in the study.

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