Pfizer Vaccinating Entire City of Toledo For Experimental Study

Pfizer Vaccinating Entire City of Toledo For Experimental Study

( – From the beginning of the COVID-19 vaccination dissemination plan, people worldwide wondered about the vaccine’s overall effectiveness and whether herd immunity was a viable possibility. Soon, Pfizer may have an answer. On October 6, the drug company announced its plan to inoculate all the residents of Toledo, Brazil, to observe coronavirus mutation activity and transmission movements over a year.

The makers of the Comirnaty vaccine should be able to determine not only the safety and effectiveness of the vaccine on a large scale using real-world data but whether a completely vaccinated town could prevent variants from developing and spreading. The sample size is about 143,000 people, 98% of whom have already received at least one vaccine dose.

The town’s mayor Beto Lunitti expressed his resident’s willingness to participate in the experiment, stating they “believe in science.” However, Brazil President Jair Bolsonaro questions the effectiveness of coronavirus vaccines overall.

It could be easy to pre-dismiss the study’s future results because the community is already highly vaccinated, and it’s a planned operation by the company that developed the vaccine.

However, another mass-vaccination study in May conducted in Serrana, Sao Paulo, Brazil, with about 45,644 people, showed a COVID-19-related death decrease of 95% and an 80% reduction in symptomatic cases. In fact, residents now “feel safe to leave the house.”

But with such relatively small samplings, the world will have to see if this is an effective technique for larger populations to achieve herd immunity and pre-COVID freedom.

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